About animella

Everything changes. For me, everything changes… a lot. All the time. In my life, in my mind, in my opinions. I am very difficult to pin down, and I have so often wished I could be (pinned down), I have so often wished I could be defined, explained.

My life has been such a rollercoaster ride into hell and heaven and back and forth and sideways that any book I have attempted to write would always end up not living up to the reality of my life and has therefore bored me before I could progress in it. Recently, in my older age and thanks to Nanowrimo, I did write a book (in 2012) but I am yet to revise it or even re-read the whole thing.

I want a world where we are all shades of the same rainbow, and we are all free to be, and encouraged and if necessary supported to be whatever we are as happily as possible.

If these rantings and ravings aren’t enough, you can follow me on Twitter, at @animellaria: they are shorter there, for starters 🙂

Should you wish a tarot reading, you need just write to me at windruffle (at) gmail (dot) com, and in exchange for a token that will be absolutely up to you, I will be happy to do them for you: they work as meditation for me and they can be very helpful to others.


12 thoughts on “About animella

  1. I just read what you’re about and you sound like me, except I don’t do the Tarot card reading…. I paint. I had it done before though and it was amazing how accurate it was and how it showed my life would unfold.

    Just as someone tries to pin me as a writer, *POOF*, i change into an artist.

    And I’ve been trying to write a book too. But due to being in between episodes, it’s on ice. Think I’ll start again next week… *rolls eyes*.

    They say change is good. And life is a rollercoaster. But I don’t think they’ve been in OUR lives, in OUR heads. They’ve got nothing on us! 🙂


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