Trump and Brexit against anxiety

I want to start by citing, anonymously because I don’t know whether she’d like us to share her post, an old friend of mine who lives in the United States:


As many of you know I run a women’s group for arab refugee women here in Houston, most of whom are from Syria and Iraq. Innocent victims of horrific civil wars. Trumps immigration order is beyond evil. I can not comprehend how it can be allowed in a humane society. The era of ignorance has truly dawned.

Her words need no further comment.

There are many things I can be grateful to Trump and Brexit for.

One of the greatest ones is having decreased my anxiety hugely.

In the same way I always believed that depression is actually our body’s way to react to us giving up on changing what is wrong about our lives, I believe that a lot of anxiety is caused by the perception of danger, not imaginary danger, but actual danger, except it is not defined enough for us to put our finger on it, or, sometimes, it is not clear enough for anybody to tell us “shit, you’re right, that IS scary”.

Trump’s actions, and Theresa May and much of the British population approving of them, is just what I expected. Actually, I expected them way back in 2001, when on the 11th of September I saw, on the TV at work, the Twin Towers crashing down in fire and dust. I remember thinking, as soon as I heard what had happened, that it was something organised by someone claiming they worked in the name of Islam, “Oh no, now the world is going to fear the Islamic people, racism will be go back to being a thing of the present, everyone will hate foreigners” and so on.

People told me not to think badly of Brexiters. But THIS is what they voted for. I want no part of that, even if it’s true that they haven’t kicked ME out.


I will leave this country in April, and pray to all gods of all religions that I can make it so I don’t have to return.

In Italy, for which I hold a passport and a citizenship, I can actually DO something against all this.

I can get a master’s degree or start working towards helping refugees, and helping them get their rights, and helping the rights of foreigners in a country where all that should be required from them is what should be required by the nationals of that country, no more, no less.

I now have a plan, something to do. The first part of the plan, is to LEAVE. Yes, just as my neighbour’s huge sign in the garden demanded back in pre-Referendum times.

Thank you Trump, and thank you Brexit, now my anxiety is almost cured, because now I know EXACTLY what I’m scared of. And it’s the people who made you happen.



One thought on “Trump and Brexit against anxiety

  1. You have to understand that people don’t hate immigrants in America, our government has put policies in place that made people upset is all. Many have successfully allowed the media to manipulate them with same fear and propaganda tactics that have been going on since print was invented (Hearst). You realize that illegal immigrants are having 2-4 children in our country while young American’s such as myself and my sister cannot even afford one. Ask yourself this, does the news and television give an accurate portrayal of African-Americans or Muslims? or do they usually portray them as villains through the media? Racism, Abortion rights, and religion are a CONSTANT issue in the media/politics, they want people distracted fighting over issues that cause the most conflict.


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