Communicate and keep it real

My knees go wobbly and feel numb as I get up to get some cushions so I can be more comfortable on this chair and write about Ulla.

I am sorry Ulla but not that you’re gone I get to call you by your real name and be less discreet about you. I know you would be smiling crookedly and telling me you’d expect nothing less from me.

These are the dangers of getting close to people via the web, this is why when you are as intense as me and as fragile as I am you tend to get close to people you feel close really fast, and unfortunately, it is real, it is not web, and you want to stretch out your hand and grab them towards you and hug them tight, but you can’t.

That powerlessness drove me to withdraw from the blogs I loved the most, and focus on my increasingly serene…

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2 thoughts on “Ulla

  1. […] Our pal that checked out has once again in the saddest way shown why it is a good idea to stay in your happy place if you have one. I do feel the need to listen more closely to some of you who are bereaved of her presence, but I can’t try to keep up with as many as I used to. […]


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