Be a Mensch

Can one use the term (which is beautiful and sums up the concept wonderfully, by the way) even if they’re not obviously Jewish?
I love it, that’s what I set out to be every day, and what I am hopefully teaching my children to be, and what I know my husband is which is why I feel so privileged to be part of his life.
As always beautifully written by Robert M Goldstein.

Art by Rob Goldstein

MenschSuit by Gizza

I’m a competitive man but I have an odd set of rules.

Odd Rule Number 1: Have rules.

Odd Rule Number 2: Follow them.

What are the rules?

There’s only one.

Don’t behave like an animal.

What does that mean?

Don’t eat the other dog’s food.

Don’t piss on another dog’s territory.

Don’t rip someone’s throat out because you feel threatened.

My Grandmother’s way of saying it was “Be a mensch.”

A mensch is an ancient concept possibly rooted in Hellenistic Judaism.

It incorporates the classical Greek ideal of the ‘citizen’.

One is not born a mensch.

One becomes a mensch through study, discipline and respect for the rule of law.

There is human nature and there is being human.

The two often clash.

I adored my Grandmother and if being a mensch pleased her than I would be the best little mensch in the…

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