Old-fashioned ramble

I haven’t rambled for a bit. After all, this all began (I lie, this began for more reasons than I can even remember, and the reasons have changed more often than my hair colour) as a means for me to speak to someone who doesn’t exist, the way I’d like to. Making no sense, rambling, skipping from topic to topic.
So here goes.
Cats do not seem to be possessive about their stuff, as much as dogs are. My grown cat Tesla has recently lost her beautiful adoptive sister, Booklet, thanks to a speeding car.

“She is Mine”

My daughter cried and cried and I cried too. Tesla lost her voice completely that very night (she was an extremely chattery cat) and is only recovering it now (2 1/2 weeks in). Both her and my dog Zoom seemed perplexed, like they could feel something was missing. We decided to get new life as soon as possible:

Mittens, a.k.a. Beans


Now the kitten has grown slightly and is all over Tesla, constantly following her and approaching her. Tesla is in increased tolerance, she’ll even let her eat from her bowl, but there is nothing she enjoys more than going to a high place, and just looking at her: “hah“.


“I will get there one day!”

Of course sooner or later the kitten will reach all those high places, but for now, both Tesla and big Zoom are just a little wary. Zoom is very protective of Tesla (he would chase Booklet, the white cat, away, but looooves Tesla), so he just keeps an eye on all the happenings and if Tesla hisses at the kitten, he will go up and see what’s going on. Otherwise he just keeps a wary eye.


I forgot what else I was going to ramble about, so I’ll just leave it at that for now.



3 thoughts on “Old-fashioned ramble

  1. HAHAHAHA! Animals are the best and I think you’ve really captured the interspecies domesticated jungle in your household! And who but a furry four-letter to listen to absolutely anything and everything you have to say, the purrrrfect audience…

    Liked by 1 person

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