Rose day

My birthday roses arrived the day before yesterday.

They send them to you at the right time to plant them, bare root. They are just sticks with long roots. Yesterday was such a busy busy day that I had to just leave them to soak in a bucket. But this morning I planted them. As they are all climbing roses, they all went in the back, against a wall that you can see from the kitchen sink. They have been arranged so:

1 Jolly Roger

1 Etoile de Hollande

1 Danse de Feu

That should cover the back garden wall. Next step will be roses bushes in front of the house. Doing anything in the garden always gives me much joy, and it’s good to be forced to do it. I am not keen on how exposed that garden is (just today my neighbour – the little nemesis’ father – called me to ask me whether someone was coming round to fix the overflow. And the old lady from two doors down spoke to me at the bus stop and asked me whether I’d seen the state of the roof that can only be seen from her house), but well, stuff has to be done.

A walk with my dog under the rain, and announcing to my husband that I was going to stop eating mammals didn’t go badly at all.

All in all a good start to the day. Asides from mice! Mice have been spotted in our house and today my husband found little poos under the sink. It seems two cats are not enough to discourage them: humane traps are now being implemented. There you go, it’s a countryside life šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Rose day

  1. I don’t know if my wishes are belated or on time or ahead, but happy birthday. Unless I read it wrong. In which case I blame the allergy meds. I buy the drowsy version for bonus of sleep.

    Those are some beautiful ones. May the grow happily, like you. Hey. We never stop growing.

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