I’m not sure where I’m at. Fortunately, guy says I am not bipolar so my decision at the moment is definitely rational. I am unfollowing a lot of stuff, please don’t be offended if I unfollowed you, or if I don’t follow you back, etc. I just have to get onto editing my novel, and attempting to read too much stuff means I can read very little.

My dog Zoom is very well, and recovering, there was a massive lump of matter but it’s all been removed. I am feeling ragey today, so I need to stop doing anything, thinking of anything.

I have almost deleted my Facebook account (again!) and my Twitter account (again!) and all that stuff.

If you have my mobile number you can add me to Telegram. That’s it, for now, I must go, I may be back tomorrow full of WTF at my own behaviour, or not. I just have to get one thing done, and that will be my novel right now. I have to stop re-reading my translation as author does not seem to want to pay me so what the hell, enough of everything. I have to take a break. Again.


11 thoughts on “Uhm

  1. Did you unfollow me? 😥 I have telegram, but not your number, please mail it to me if you wanna connect. Hope Zoom keeps doing well and that you get your teeth firmly into your novel. Say hi to Chez Vegas for me.


    1. Amazingly I am! Though I have written it already, I just have to read it (!) and remove chunks of needlessness and edit it and then send it out there. I’m actually working on it, unbelievable 🙂

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