Dance with me! (Middle-of-the-night dream)

(Insert sketch of me dancing uncontrollably here)

One step to the left… And we dance, we dance, we dance!
One step to the right… And we dance, forever, together.
What joy… My arms in the air!
What fun… I wave up my hair!
A boogie… Move over, that chair!
We dance… We’re up in the air.
Fly with me, dance with me, show me you care.
It rains outside, the sound divine, rush to my dare!
My pride, so fine, my joy, sublime, you sit, you shine, you delve, you whine, you sit, you still, you trip, you’re fine.
Get up, I say, come dance again.
You stay, you say, the time is done.
Get up, I say. Get up, I pray. Get up, be mine. Get up, come shine.

I stay, you pray. I stay, you say: get up, you say, the time has come.
Get up, you say, I must now stay.
Get up, you say, turn round, you say, it’s time, you say.
It’s time, you say, for you, you say, to go away.

I turn, I tap, I turn, I rock, I turn, I waltz, alone, I know, I will not dare, I do not share, the dancing time no longer there


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