Simple thangs

I am a happy bunny today.

I received my David Austin Rose catalogue

a few days ago. Today I was given spending money for clothes and I got myself a pair of basic dark blue jeans and a pair of flares! Yes flares! I am so happy I love flares and stupid fashions come and go and affect even the basic stores (I buy supermarket clothes, and that’s when I’m relatively rich. This is Sainsbury’s we’re talking about: I am feeling VERY rich) and flares disappear but now they’re back! from outer space! (damn no no stop plus no karaoke tomorrow night either just drinks with amazing friends so may as well forget that song) I love flares, love them. Then I got a figure hugging small-flowery top (the only print in the whole shop and in many shops I have been seeing for a few months that I actually liked… it sucks to be penniless when you have such refined *cough* taste), because I realised that just because your figure has gotten a little (*cough*) bigger, doesn’t mean that all those floppy loose baggy clothes will look better on you, quite the contrary! Also a little seventies in look so I’m made up.

THEN I went to look for that small step-ladder, we are without one and I need it so I can make all the climbers go places that I want them to go [not roses unfortunately but they will come, in the meantime I have those passion flower freaks (they grow so fast!) and three as yet unflowering wisteria (which is a flower I don’t like to so much unless it’s ancient and therefore devastating structures but my husband loves them and I dare not tell him I don’t like them so I am trying to save them for him]. Plus wisteria rhymes with hysteria and so they’re totally my friends.

Anyway, at first I got lost looking for a Homebase shop, which I then found out no longer existed but I didn’t get stressed, I just popped into a Screw-Fix (a very basic mostly for trade shop where you look up a catalogue like in Argos and give them a paper with codes of what you want on… I LOVE it!!) and they didn’t have one (!) but they had free chunky catalogues! Filled with solely DIYish and technical stuff that I adore. So I picked one up and happily left the shop. So now I have some clothes I like sitting in a grocery bag waiting for me to wear them, a Rose Catalogue and a SCREWFIX (such a reassuring name!) catalogue.

And a mug of Peppermint tea.

And my wonderful beautiful friend coming over to stay for a couple of days after her holiday in Greece with exciting news in her life she will hopefully inundate me with.

And my other wonderful beautiful friend the karaoke fiend coming over without his DIY-engaged husband this time so we will have a mighty gossip.

Then I went to the farm close to us to get the meat for the week’s shopping and I asked them whether they had a bone for my beautiful dog Zoom:

My dog
My beautiful and a little tired Dog Zoom in Cambridge last year

and he gave me a binbagful and my so Zoom is now tired of munching and very very, very happy.

I have also semi-decided that since getting paid is a little too difficult and hassley in the world of freelance translation and so therefore I am virtually always penniless all the time, I shall now resume my jewellery making and work on that: get my shed’s electricity fixed, with the help of my brand new SCREWFIX catalogue, sloooowly buy some silver, sloooowly buy a heater and a polisher, but I have everything else, all the tools and all the hammers and saws, even a model (he who loves the karaoke also happens to have the most beautiful hands I have ever witnessed, the horrid one below is my hand). So watch this space. THIS is the sort of ring I can make so far…

My very first silver ring.
My very first silver ring.

I know the day still has a few hours to go and a lot of stuff could go wrong and I shouldn’t get too hyped up about anything but writing takes the excess out of the happy. Plus today I was driving and occasionally feeling the old urge to just keep going and I kept that under control without too much trouble. I have about 40 minutes left to play The Witcher before I go get my daughter so I should deflate easily and without too much drama.

Knowing that people are coming to see me stirs a wee bit of my anxiety but then I think of who they are and my heart just warms up. Friends are a good thang.


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