Some wonderful news about little Absinthe, but please our friend needs a little more help still, as kitty had to have emergency treatment in the end. But yay and THANK YOU on Abby’s behalf to those who donated/shared. Hopefully soon she’lll be back home ready to help heal and comfort mum and daughter xxx

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

**** Since I do not do social media outside this blog, it is my sincerest hope that those of you who do and have been helping spread the word about getting our cat Abby help with her vet bill….Repost this update so the kind people who donated know their money has SAVED HER LIFE. I still need another $150 (factoring in the gofundme costs so I don’t end up owing my friend or the doc anything) to cover the second night of hospitalization so they can observe her but…YOU AMAZING PEOPLE SAVED ABBY’S LIFE BY ENABLING HER TO GET THE PRICEY EMERGENT CARE SHE NEEDED! And for those who have apologized for not being able to contribute money…You reached out, you passed on the word, you kept my spirits up and that has a high value to me.

From The Gofundme Save Abby Cat page that I updated this morning…

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