GoFundMe: Help Me Save my Kitty’s Life

My husband will likely kill me, spending money HE earns to help a CAT (creatures he detests). But this isn’t about a cat, however much this kitty, this survivor, certainly deserves her chance. This is about her owner, and the struggles she faces and overcomes every day in a place where there is no support, against all the odds. This kitty too has survived where her siblings have succumbed.
Our friend has done everything she could to help this kitty herself, but the only thing that will save Absinthe is a vet, and she just can’t afford one.
What she’s asking for is nothing to most people, even a little contribution helps, and the difference we can make in this woman’s spirit is huge, and Abby, if we save her will become her carer, her comforter, her fellow survivor.
Please help us save Abby Cat.

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My beautiful picture This is Absinthe, AKA, Abby-Sin, before she got so sick.

My beautiful picture This is Abby,after draining the abscess. She couldn’t swallow or eat for three days so she wasted away even though I was feeding her by eye dropper.

Per suggestion by a follower, I started a campaign to help fund a vet visit for Absinthe, after multiple calls to vets within a 50 mile radius all resulted in the ver batim response: “It will be close to three hundred dollars because we have to examine, treat for fleas, give her all the normal shots, as well as the antibiotic.” I tried to explain my financial predicament as a single disabled mother and inquired about charities, but alas there are none in this rural area. I even  pondered turning her over to the non kill shelter so she could be treated even if it meant placement elsewhere…They told me they are full…

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