“I want some red roses for a blue lady…”

So, now I’m back on an up. Or a “level” I prefer to think.

I spent a few hours yesterday looking up roses. See the house we moved into is a delightful, truly delightful Cottage (Called “The Cottage”. I wanted to call it Rhino Hall but the men of the family said no, and no also to Hippo Hall saying it would basically just mean “The Fat Cottage”). It was built by a carpenter with his son when he returned from the war, on the site of their carpentry workshop. It’s a very atypical house for England: built with love, with a massive personality, and specifically wood everywhere, so very solid and sturdy. I love it and have no intention of budging away from here for a long, long time.

Anyhow. There is a small garden at the back and one at the front. The front garden faces North-West, so the original owner I think planned a lovely winter’s garden, with pines and shrubs and different types of holly-related plants. Then came someone else who scattered all sorts of bulbous stuff which had pretty much taken over the garden and made a mess.

So, compatibly with Derbyshire’s green bin collection schedule, I have been clearing out the random stuff and keeping what I like and we have added a couple of colourful plants in the back. In the front I have cleared and cleared and my next step is filling it with roses.

I love roses.

My neighbour, David, who has a wonderful garden, said with confidence when I asked about roses to go check out David Austin‘s website. THE English authority on roses.

Yesterday I spent some time looking through his website and found myself extremely disappointed. I mean, is this what roses look like these days?


Don’t get me wrong, this is an exquisite flower. But I like roses, and roses in my head (and in other people’s gardens when I look at them) look like this:


So yeah that was a bit of a strange revelation.

I am looking for a specific type of climbing old rose and haven’t found it yet, that will be interesting work.

So, my future life will be finding something to help me dismiss thoughts and concentrate become I am getting very very bad at it, and I need to finish translating 4 more of my father’s 5 final books as well as the revision of the current book. This will save me from having to go out to work and still make me feel like I’m contributing to the family’s finances, ’cause it’s very cool that my husband is happily getting freelance illustration work on top of his full time work in Sheffield but I do feel a little guilty. Then, plant roses. Roses that will climb over the ugly dead stumps the landlady left, roses to climb over the crumbling old fences, roses to stand proud in my garden, facing the pub, so people can look at our garden as they sip their beers and say “look at those lovely roses”.

View of our house from the pub
View of our house from the pub

So, that’s my future planned, and it’s looking rosy.



7 thoughts on ““I want some red roses for a blue lady…”

    1. As I mentioned to Blah below, it is exactly the opposite that surprised me into loving them! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to look after them?: even know I read all the stuff on websites and I think mah, that’s not my experience. All I do is cut them in the right place when their flower starts to slump, and occasionally spray them before any buds have flowered, and they’re always beautiful. I can’t manage any other gardening stuff (all I’ve been doing so far is get rid of stuff I didn’t like the look of, including most blooming lilies) so one of the reasons I like roses so much is how easy they are. It’s a strange thing. Guess we’ll find out when I start planting myself!

      p.s. I LOVE your avatar, I’d love to know the context of that absolutely awesome photo of Bill Fucking Murray šŸ™‚


    1. Someone at some point told me how to cut them when their flower has faded, and my roses (those I’d fine in rented houses of course) have been pretty and not died ever since! So I must get me some here as I know eff all about any other aspects of gardening :D.

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      1. That’s the big house in the peak district just near Chesterfield right? I haven’t gone there yet, but yes, it could be a good place to ask!


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