bellwethers and outliers inc.

A quick concise vision of what life for us mentals would be like without stigma! 😀 (please comment on the author’s page:))


Dear Muggles,

Perhaps we are fragile because we’re finely tuned. Perhaps instead of ignoring us, you ought to make us comfortable and then listen with respect.

Cities get busy and dirty and inhumane and you keep trimming bits off people so they fit. Maybe you should rather watch people with PTSD and conclude that if the shell shocked can’t cope, sooner or later nobody else will either. And when depression statistics soar, it might be an idea to improve the environment, rather than working so hard to produce more goddamn self help manuals.


Psychiatrist: (deeply concerned) The manic depressives are getting restless.
Society: (alarmed) Psychosis?!
Psychiatrist: I’m waiting for the SZ, SZA, NOS etc reports, but it doesn’t look good.
Society: (grabs phone) Miss Moneypenny! Plant trees, give everyone a day off and double the chocolate rations! Stat!


And there should be salons (historical: a regular social gathering, especially of…

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