I’ma gonna takea a breaka.

The process has begun, so I am thinking I will stop thinking, reading, exploring about Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and even Dissociative Identity Disorder. I will wait until I receive a diagnosis, and then I might start thinking again.

I will try and stop thinking about me all the time, because that seems to be the only place my mind can get to. The counsellor (I don’t even know if that’s the right name) asked me “Do you have flashbacks”. It took me aback. Not flashbacks as such, but my mind, when not formulating a precise active thought or engaged in very enthralling reading will ramble away in images and memories from the dawn of my memory to just yesterday.

For the second time today I left the fire on under some pans, I could have set the house on fire. My memory is getting worse and worse by the day, and my lack of concentration is stupendous.

Until I get my diagnosis I am going to try and focus on the house, the kids, and finishing off my work before all words leave me completely.

Then I’ll think upon what to do next.

Except of course I may well change my mind tonight!

Bye for now,



8 thoughts on “I’ma gonna takea a breaka.

    1. Of course I changed my mind and who knows what I’ll think in a little while. I Guess work will have to take precedence once again, let’s see how long I can stay focused! Thanks for the kind thoughts as always though šŸ™‚

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    1. … and I’m back šŸ˜€ I knew it wouldn’t last long (deep down I’m sure I knew it, my convictions are completely non-existent as such), but this was a quicker turn around than even I expected. I turn my own self dizzy sometimes xx (and my husband and son have said no to Rhino Hall :()

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      1. Just by its original name: “The Cottage”. I mean it’s funny in its own way I guess, in that it states the obvious… but still. I have that wooden hippo in the entrance… and my son has a Hippo mask… I thought at least Hippo Hall but they say it just means FAT.


    1. Thank you, it didn’t take very long for me to change my mind, unsurprisingly. I hoped being quiet in my writing would lead to some quiet in my head. It never works :/ I will continue to read you with pleasure šŸ™‚

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