The nth final personal post.

Honestly it’s just insane (hahaha). The amount of times I change, close, open blogs, remove entries, reinstate them, make them private, make them public, regret any and all of the above…

The blog is now empty, in a moment of anger, I thought about how easy it is to make my opening up about stuff ailing me and for other people, people in real life, to abuse that knowledge. I won’t reinstate anything right now because I know it then republishes everything and I don’t want to spam any of you. But this is the least I could do, tell you why the blog is now empty. It would be better if wordpress had a lievjournal like feature where you could have some “friendsonly” posts. But it doesn’t. So yeah, the previous posts in the blog have gone private for now. Isn’t it nice how things are never the same round here 🙂


2 thoughts on “The nth final personal post.

    1. I was looking for that! I couldn’t find it anywhere. Yes I remember there was and was looking for it (even used it once). I’ll try again. Thank you 🙂


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