House and tree
Our cute house from the pub across the road.
Zoom in forest
Zoomy exploring a beautiful forest we found, just walking.

The birds here are different. There are some incredibly tiny ones that sit on the electricity lines and are just so cute. Then I saw some grey ones with a bright yellow head, I am sure I had never seen in Cambridge. I also know they are different because they tweet so differently.

The house is so nice, with lots of little things wrong with it, like water dripping from various points in the ceiling and a broken glass door from when my husband locked himself out, but it doesn’t matter. The countryside is delightful, happy, extensive, sweet and rolling, gentle but very much alive. There are farms, and pretty blonde cows, and sheep, and a treeful of crows, and all sorts of life.

My dog ran into something, we’re not sure what, that scared the wits out of him and since then I have struggled to get him out, and when we do manage to go somewhere he is ok with, he tends to his phisiological necessities and then immediately he wants to turn back. I have an anxious dog, so that makes two of us now! But it’s fine, I walk a lot down the fields into a beautiful view to take my daughter to school and he will gradually relax about whatever it was that scared him.

Thje people are delightful. People in this area are so much more similar to us, to me specifically. There are rich middle class people whom i still don’t really feel close to, but they are all actually really nice. Instead what would make up the “general population” is people who have normal jobs and are laid back, interested in you (unlike Cambridge, where talking to other people is just an excuse to show what knowledge you have, or they think you are one of them so they speak to you with resentment. You can’t just chill. Of course there are exceptions but that’s he general feeling) but not nosy, open. It was no surprise therefore to find that the greatest concentration of bikers lives in this area. No wonder, with all the lovely hills around. And I feel more at home with them, and of course, very nostalgic of bike times, and the years and years I thought I would someday have enough money for a licence and my own bike. But it’s nice to be surrounded by people you feel you could relate to.

I have much work to do (translating a new book), the house is big and lovely so we are constantly trying to keep it tidy and clean, children, so there isn’t enough time for gardening as I’m sure there will be, but I have started to clear out as much of the weeds as I could, and gradually wish to make room for some roses.

Farm view
One of the farms we pass on our way to school every day. Just like a dream.

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