Rhino Hall is ours

We did it. The house is ours (well not ours, we’re still renting, but you get what I mean).
The only other time we had a decent house, a NICE house, my boys and I, was when we lived in Italy for a little while in a lovely lovely new build loft, windows everywhere, which was gorgeous though it happened to coincide with the year that Italy was scorchingly hot and the greenhouse effect wasn’t that pretty in the house anymore. Nevertheless.
This one, we haven’t seen it yet, only my husband has, but I mean, it’s gorgeous. My close friend’s first reaction was “whoa, too nice for you, you’ll break it!”
He’s not wrong. For so long I felt we couldn’t have something so nice, but when I saw this house, for the first time in a long time I thought you know what, we blooming deserve it!
We worked very hard to get where we are as a family (yes I know my husband does most of the actual working I feel ashamed enough as it is), the rent is sooooo much cheaper than silly Cambridge, it makes sense, I walk across the road and I get lost in fields, and hills, and/or the big family pub πŸ˜€
These are the pics I got off the agency website before they take it down as it is now confirmed as OURS.








front of house











It’s gorgeous, it has a tree in front, it’s lovely. And you can see only one of the 3 sheds.

As well as this bit of news, which I got last night, I had a lovely time at my Introduction to Counselling Course. Person-centred is just right for me, and the feedback I am getting from my classmates is brilliant. I feel I could do a really good job with this. Whether it’s this year or the next I intend to continue towards qualifying as a counsellor. It’s an exciting future to look forward to, along with the long walks (hypermobility permitting) with Zoom and of course my trips to Chesterfield to see the church with the crooked spire to say hi, light a candle and say a few words for someone’s mum.


There is too much bitterness about leaving Cambridge in some respects for me to have an “End of Cambridge party” as my friend suggested. Cambridge you were pretty and calm and pretty and calm and SO pretty and SO BLOODY CALM but you think WAY too much of yourself, you are hugely overpriced for what you offer as a town and there are too many bitter memories for me here, I am SO happy to say goodbye while I can still appreciate the beauty, the spring, the good friends I made that I still have.

I am aware I shouldn’t let myself get too hyper about all this, so I took a betablocker this morning anyway, because too much excitement leads to too much downtime, so I’d rather keep it sort of level.

And as a cherry on the pie, our friends in Yorkshire where my husband is staying have invited us up for the traditional Gay New Year in the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest which I missed last year and I am THRILLED because I get to see them, whom I adore, and I get to see the house.

I can only brace myself, remain level, so that if something negative comes up today, I don’t fall in complete and abject depression. Because today is a GOOD day.

P.S. Rhino Hall is the temporary house name, based on jokes on my Facebook post that a rhino could fit in our bathroom, and I thought I could build a pond, and then we wondered how we could keep a rhino in a the pond, as a rhino is not exactly a hippo. My friend said we should call it Rhino Hall and I love it. I have to find a wood artist to make a sign for it, perhaps at Chesterfield’s local big market!
P.P.S. We have A BIDET!!!!!


20 thoughts on “Rhino Hall is ours

    1. heh, relatively, but possibly yes. Rhino might take too much space up. My task now is to convince my husband we must get MORE cats to fill all that empty space πŸ˜€


      1. Are you kidding, MY Rhino? They’d have to go through my cats and myself first (we’re picturing us all in my very large bathroom, see, it’s a nice bathroom and has a bidet and, as a friend said, a toilet bowl that a rhino could poop in!) – That’s where the rhino thing started. So nobody’s coming to poach our rhino!!

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      2. You are not going to enjoy its wallowing requirements, or the rubbing post, or the kind of ticks that get on to it. Maybe get one of those little Asian ones… Or thΓ© rhino cops from Dr Who… I Need a life…

        Liked by 1 person

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