… our house near Chesterfield is confirmed, I would have a shed in which to resume making jewellery… talking to my husband about my insecurities turned out to be surprisingly encouraging instead :).

Happy Sunday!

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18 thoughts on “IF…

    1. ahahahha yeah why not, watering them wouldn’t be difficult up near Sheffield!

      Many months ago I did a jewellery course, and did manage to make a couple of beautiful silver rings.. one of them I gave to my friend and every time I see it I think hey, that was actually a really nice ring. I love manual work! Then my confidence lapsed and I stopped persevering, and investing in it, emotionally or financially… but with a shed dedicated solely to that (I’ll have 3 if we get this house! tiny sheds, you know, British sheds, but all with windows :)) I will be able to walk in and just work, so I know it’ll be much easier…

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      1. hahhah true! Apparently (haven’t seen them yet myself) they ALL have windows! One is already set up as a greenhouse, one will be for my daughter… and the other for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. Yes I can’t wait. In my previous house someone had left some incredible roses behind, I learnt to look after those pretty well, was very proud of them. So I am so looking forward to seeing what is there. They are doing the referencing today, I am going to try and keep myself distracted all day ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Oh wow!! I LOVE that spire, I am so looking forward to seeing it. I am resisting the temptation of looking up its reasons for existence on the internet, I am hoping to find out about it in bits and bobs from real people rather than wikipedia. Do you know why it’s so odd? I love it, the odd one out ๐Ÿ™‚ And I read that there’s a huge market thrice a week, and medieval central roads… it sounds like a lovely city indeed! You said you liked it there, didn’t you? How long was it you lived in the area for? Are people Yorkshire-friendly or more southerny?

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      1. Local legend: the devil flew by, got his tail caught on the spire and twisted it getting free.
        Boring truth: the lead warped.

        The market is 800yrs old or something… Street names with ‘gate’ on the end – like Knifesmithgate are a legacy of Viking times. Lots of good neolithic stone circles… Put the 9 Ladies and Arbor Low on your agenda… Winnet Pass, Snake Pass, Hope… Famous cutlery designer David Mellor was in Hathersage, no idea if he still is. Chatsworth has cool stuff from time to time and the shop is great. Chesterfield is waaay more North than south, it’s all ayup me duckeh and so on… Haven’t been since 2006, but ‘youngsters’ referred to it as Chez Vegas and even Sheffield was seen as vastly better. The library was good… Cool caff in the Shambles… One side of my family is from there, I only lived there for a couple of years, but visited all my life. Ifff I remember correctly, Nottingham was the edge of the pale (dane law applied in the pale), vikings lived in caves under what is now Nottingham Castle and there’s a little Inn there that dates back to crusader times. Ashover Rock has some rather sweet petroglyphs carved probably by Napoleonic prisoners of war… You gotta go up Kinder Scout…


        Bet you wished you’d never asked xD

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      2. Will you please light a candle or something in St Mary’s (crooked spire) for my mum sometime? No praying though or she’ll smite me hard all the way from the afterlife ๐Ÿ™‚ It would mean a lot to me.

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      3. You bet I will. I will be moving there on the 19th of June. I think you may have mentioned it but f you tell me when her birthday was I can do so on arrival and on her birthday too. xx

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