The Encouraging Thunder Award

Hey-ho, I haven’t been blogging long, not like this anyway, not… being read. Weird. Anyhow, best blogger Blahpolar Diaries has awarded me this very green and lovely award:

Please be patient with me as I probably don't know what I'm doing.
Please be patient with me as I probably don’t know what I’m doing.

I very humbly accept and wish I could celebrate in the ways she suggests but alas, a bowl of Crunchy Nut and Daredevil will have to do. It is quite funny that she should nominate me for being encouraging when she is the one that started this whole business of mine, making sense to me, and encouraging me to expand here and get lots of help from just being here and reading people. So I’m gonna name her back, just to make a point.

The Rules:

What you can do with Encouraging Thunder award?

  • Post it on your blog       (CHECK!)
  • Grant other bloggers with the award:

I would like to extend this lovely award to:

Blahpolar Diaries


Art by Rob Goldstein

Just Plain Ol’Vic

My Spanglish Familia

Jay, from Assholes Watching Movies

For being extremely encouraging and helpful in very practical ways, despite having pretty big loads of heir own to deal with. And I can see how much they encourage others too, and that is very very cool.

What you can’t do with Encouraging Thunder award?

  • Abuse or misuse the logo (I WON’T)
  • Claim that it’s your own handmade logo (I’M NOT)

What you should do after receiving Encouraging Thunder award:

  • At least gives thanks via comments and likes and or mentioning the blog who give the award. (CHECK!)
  • Mention your purpose in bloggingVell, my purpose in blogging was and has always been to get thought out of my head where there were always way too many. It was always a thing I did for me, then sometimes I hoped some people would read and feel they could understand me better, but oddly enough who actually read already understood me and loved me, and those who didn’t care to really understand and love me never read so… I’m rambling. It also wanted to help others who might be feeling as confused as me, but then I realised that there were loads of much better blogs that I could follow and I was helped immensely by them instead! So, now, blogging is about taking those thoughts out, but trying to also get the good ones out, and reading, whenever I can, the wonderful precious and very real and often amusing and funny but always inspiring and touching worlds shown to us by some of these other bloggers. Ça va bien?

I know the world of WordPress is just full of awards you can obtain from other bloggers and my award might be out of date or a silly award but I want to show some respects to these people I have mentioned above.

Give them all love by visiting their blogs and show some appreciations 🙂

All the blogs I follow encourage me just by posting and sharing. I hope they realise that. And if this brings me Thor, too, well I wouldn’t kick him out. I may just invite him in for a cuppa.


10 thoughts on “The Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. Val, Billy, Animella, Mama Mia, Grazie Bella Donna for nominating me!!!! Once I post my acceptance of Blah’s nomination I will post yours. Thank you again. Be well xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hey Thank you so very much, I am humbled 🙂 I will follow through with this later today when I return from the city 🙂


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