Hurrah for Dr. M.

As always, Dr M. gets to the point. She is hard to get an appointment with, but she is worth the wait. In ten minutes I was able to explain everything, she gave me some beta blockers for when I feel the anxiety or the panic attack coming on or when I anticipate it, and she has referred me to psychotherapy for a proper diagnosis and to see what is best done. She does believe Cognitive Behavioural Therapy might be the best. We’ll see. It would be nice to be able to afford it. Right now, what I need most of all is clarity and never feeling helpless.

So yes, it is worth persevering, getting the proper person to start you on the right path towards healing/managing.

This morning I will treat myself to reading all the blogs I’ve been missing out on, after I’ve taken Zoom for his walk, that is.


7 thoughts on “Hurrah for Dr. M.

  1. CBT is worth considering – so much more results-oriented, it can be rewarding. Plus, they should be able to give you a good estimate of how many sessions wll be needed at the outset so you can budget. It’s usually a lot less than with talk therapy.
    Enjoy the walk. I hope you have nicer weather today like we’re expectign.

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    1. It was great though chilly :). Yes, I might give CBT another go, i did do it a couple of years ago and ended up just enjoying the talk and realising I just needed better friends :(. Plus I couldn’t afford it so dropped it. But it might be worth budgeting for. We’ll see how the talk with the psychotherapist goes 🙂


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