Thank you to the bloggers.

Because I am a realist, I am keeping two blogs. In one,, I look after my work side. My work side is, blessedly, my life side too, at last. The one dream I have ever had since I remember thinking human (I used to mostly be surrounded by animals before that) was to help people communicate more easily with each other, because I was SURE, and I still am, that the more we know each other the more we cannot help but love each other. And the more we love each other, the more we cannot but have peace. Yes I was born on the same day as John Lennon, sue me.

In this blog, however, I keep the chaos that my mind often is. I keep my loves and my hates, my rambles and my inspirations, my thoughts and actions, sometimes, too. I would like to veer it more and more towards what I do best, and that is help, listen, advise perhaps!

Today I started off receiving a letter that left me thinking. I will reply to it tomorrow. Then, because today was my first day off work for some time, I started browsing blogs. And my discovery was amazing. Starting from this excellent blog I found this one which is also excellent and from there I went and discovered dozens of new blogs!

When I first started blogging I wanted this mostly to be an outlet. But outlets can be overly chaotic and yes, they help, because they did, but a conversation is even better. And a conversation where we are all talking about different things, or showing different perspectives, is wonderful! It would be amazing if we all understood our different languages, unfortunately that is not always true which is why I consider myself lucky to be able to follow blogs in Italian, English, Spanish and, if I wanted to, even French. And that is why I am passionate about writing, and about translations: I LOVE all these different stories, and they teach me SO much, constantly. And if they don’t teach, they communicate, they share, they feel, they talk. And that’s what matters. Ok I’ll stop because I’m sounding a it too much like Rob Lowe in Parks and Rec.

I should be like my cats:


A perfect balance of light and dark. But I am not. I called my cats and worried about them and called them to come home, when it got dark earlier this evening and it was raining quite hard (quite rare here in Cambridge, UK, believe it or not!). I looked for them all over the house thinking they might be hiding somewhere but they weren’t. So I sat here and continued my business after locking the back door and the curtains behind me, and remained vaguely worried about my girls…

They came when it stopped raining. They knocked on the window (yes, the black one knocks, the white one jumps on the windowsill then plummets to the ground, that’s how I know she’s there, she’s a little fatter you see so her balance… !) and I ran to let them in, relieved. You see, they are the smart ones. When it rains, they find a safe place, and wait it out, THEN they come back to me. I should treat my blog and my friends and my behaviour towards life in general like them: when it rains, sit, patiently, wait it out, let it pass. It’s also safer. But I know I’m not as smart as them. I will blurt out inconsiderate and inappropriate and moany and whatever stuff again, without thinking, staying, waiting. But hey, we can’t all be as perfect as cats.



3 thoughts on “Thank you to the bloggers.

  1. Thank you kindly for the mention , I read that letter on your blog yesterday, and I must admit, I too have no idea how I would respond to it, I had to read it multiple times as it baffled me at times, I don’t think I could begin to come up with a reasonable reply to that letter, good luck in your answer to it. , I must say you have a very fascinating blog and I am enjoying reading through as time permits .


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