suicide & manic depression

Well I was waiting for the time to be able to further expand on the concepts expressed by this very good TED talk by guy Winch, but a fellow blogger already makes a very good point I think needs resharing.
TED Talk:


The trigger warning is (obviously) in the title.

You know how people write posts with admonitions against suicide and lists of resources? Those posts are valuable, but this isn’t one of them. It’s basically just my thoughts about it all in general, plus a whole heap of questions. You should definitely avoid this post if suicide is a painful trigger, but for the rest of the world, suicide should not be taboo. There’s little hope of preventing it if the reaction to it is fear, anger or evasion. I intend to play devil’s advocate as far as possible.

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2 thoughts on “suicide & manic depression

  1. Ah, maybe :). It’s something I have saying to people around me for so many years I got a bit sick of hearing myself saying it. It is just nice when you see your thoughts expressed better by someone else! I never pass on a chance to try and make people more aware of how easily emotional and mental pain is dismissed and avoided. Especially in the UK and northern countries.


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