Hello world! I am back!

So yep, this is my new blog, with all the old posts.

Hope you like my continuing rambles 🙂

Here is the last post from windruffle:

A loooong time ago, an Irish guy I used to know was telling me about the internet. I certainly hadn’t heard of it then (it was 1992), but when he described it (did he know it was coming? I don’t know!) I thought my god, this is really going to change the world. Will this ever truly be possible?
He spoke of making knowledge and experience available to EVERYBODY. Of how society would necessarily change because everyone would know bout everything if they wanted and nobody could be fooled anymore.
You just have to think about how power was maintained thanks to keeping the masses ignorant. How important is education? Then along with Pink Floyd we decided that education narrows you down, constricts you, leads you in a single direction you may or may not have chosen, and even if you did choose it, how much did you REALLY choose it?
I used to have a friend I would have endless conversations about this with. They would often become drunken arguments down the pub but I loved it, it was so much fun. But that’s another story, and that friend has gone.
The story now is about how the internet is now very much here. You can access it on your computer, your phone, your watch and your glasses.
It is amazing and I love it but it is also subjected to the same woes as when education became available, nay, obligatory for all. Most people just want to use it to control you, control what you think and feel, and sell more. As before, as with education, tv, newspapers, it is really up to you how much you let it influence you and dictate your every thought.
There are tricky bits though. Everything is connected… and that, of course, is to make things easier FOR YOU. Ehm yes, but it can also be annoying.

You who are reading now who I am, know that I am going to delete this website once more and more to <a href=”https://animella.wordpress.com&#8221; target=”_blank”>animella.wordpress.com</a>. That’s because I don’t want the contents of this blog to be connected with my work website. Not that I have anything to hide… it’s just well, more appropriate I feel. So, if you want, come see me over there. If not, it’s no loss to you, so byeeeee!


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