About free will and who we are

As I translate my father’s autobiography and my kids grow up, I see how others evolve and compare it to myself.
I think everyone should keep a diary, or a blog which should not be deleted the way I have done so many times, but should be kept and then reread a long time later. Compare notes with ourselves.
I see how my dad grew up to be exactly who he is, just by reading what his “undiluted” drives and passions were, and how they evolved depending on what occurred to him in his life. Aptly, at the age of 70, what he remembers are the most meaningful moments which, if you translated them to a movie, would appear to be small and meaningless to others but were of paramount importance to him, they defined him and made him the man who was my father, and determined whom I became, along with my mother.
Something occurs, whether it’s age or just the coming together of countless experiences, that leads an extrovert to morph into a silent introvert. So much needs to be said that eventually it crowds a mind so intensely that it can no longer be spoken coherently.
Seeing people as bits of experiences and seeing yourself as a being that is made up of a silent core and then an array of reactions to others eventually wears you out and all you crave is silence.


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