About Nationality

I get it. Since the dawn of time human beings needed to belong, to be part of a town, a country, a nation that conquered, all of that. It is in the history of human beings to belong to a limited group where they all felt they shared the same values, the same passions, the same sense of humour, the same something.

Since the dawn of time those who were different were shunned, kept on the margins.

I am not for a second going to go to the place where I say “but at least it was all out in the open”. No, because had I lived in different times I might have been murdered (some camorra association), gassed (persecuted), burnt at the stake (witch), the perpetrator of horrible crimes (some probably nasty Swiss German), sent to the madhouse for not complying with the accepted standard of behaviour (woman), made constant fun of (Italian, Peruvian, Kiwi, somehow nobody has ever made fun of the Venezuelan part…), prejudged (American accent), dismissed (Crazy Bitch).

No, I consider myself lucky to live in times where it is considered polite, especially amongst cultured and advanced society, to deny vehemently or at least politely justify any prejudice.

I look at the end of my life, the one I am working towards now, the one where I retire long before I’m done with living and I share my future with some people, and I am grateful that of all the places I’ve been, all the situations I have lived in, all the people I have met, of all the groups, one or two always ended up seeing me as a Person. They looked beyond the appearance, beyond whichever of the million pieces that make my exterior other people chose to focus on, and related to ME.

I believe the world would be a better, far better place if we all tried very hard to do just that. Judge everything, people and situations, for who they are. Seek deep inside yourself to be certain you are not judging 80% on them on some prejudice of yours you may not even accept or realise is there.

Not only would it make us apolitical, anational, unbelonging people feel less lonely, but you might learn a little something that might actually add to your life.

I wish I could start a fight for the abolition of nationality in this world.

It is not true that the world doesn’t produce enough food to feed everybody. It really really does, as I read on this month’s National Geographic. It just needs redistributing more fairly. How much easier would it be to do that if we were all the same people. Oh wait, we are! We are just one single mass of people, all with different likes and wants and habits, biological reactions to drugs and to external stimuli, colours shades. Some of us choose their own, some take their parents’ and relatives’ and neighbours’ as their own and for granted. That’s all fine. But allow free roaming, and you’ll see, gradually people will get to know one another, people won’t be scared of those who look different or act different, because if we were all mixed up nobody could identify different groups anymore, just different people. People will just assume people are people and move on. It will be natural for us to protect and help each other as we gradually become one. Enough with the blooming flags, enough with the borders, enough with intellectual snobbery…

It’s human nature, you will say. Not only that. Every person in power wants its privileges and the only way to obtain them is to enforce their own laws and regulations. The world John Lennon asked you to imagine will never happen. Someone once said if you can imagine it, it can be done. I believe it can be done, and it will, a long time from now. But in the meantime, I just wish we could start by fighting prejudice in our own little everyday worlds.


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