You say you want a revolution well you know…

resignation letter

Our perceptions are deceptive.


The mind that analyses and processes our perceptions is deceptive. Usually self-deprecatory and more ready to believe anything anybody else says before ourselves. How many times have we read a novel, watched a tv-show or a film, or hear a story told, whether in the news or by a different person, and thought: “Ah! That is the life. That is living. But not for us ordinary people.”

I quit my job to follow a principle the other day. I have never been afraid of jumping off the cliff, to the extent that it was so literal that I developed a fear of heights after my children were born, just to keep me safe for their sake, I am sure of it.

The ripples and consequences of that action are so deep and meaningful and positive that if I had had any doubts, they would have been dissipated very soon. To me it was all very natural, it all felt right: since forever, standing up to bullies to defend the more vulnerable always came easy for me. But what surprised me, instead, where various peoples’ reactions. Primarily, the puzzlement I got from some, along the lines of “Why are you doing this?” (my mental answer: my god, have you MET me??). In some case, a feeling of surprise, mixed with admiration, but mostly surprise: people are not used to other people caring so much for other people, for nearly strangers.


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