One could say it would be so much easier. Just sit there, look someone in the eye, let them talk and ask questions, and let them answer for you them themselves.
Why do I need to talk, anyway. You’ll do it for me. You decide something you know about me, then attribute all sorts of random meanings to words I speak (random for me, extremely deliberate for you) and presto! My meaning is done. I am what you say, I confirm your bias, I am the person you knew. Easy peasy.
You might, as a bonus, judge me for the things I did nor say, but you did: this will allow you to feel all superior and just better in so many ways. Cleverer, whatever.
That my meaning is lost and trodden upon really doesn’t matter. Because even it did, say once, raise its dirty little head and matter it’d have been mashed up along with so many meanings that never made it out of the mush that it’d be an incomplete, insincere and useless meaning anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Words

  1. I do not think you should sit and listen. They can talk for you and maybe even have conversation with you in their heads or even out loud. But, that doesn’t change the fact that you can get up and walk away any moment when you want and if you want.

    Being a victim is easy. But it is even easier being free. Once you make that choice – to be, nothing else matters. You define who you are, you define what your life looks like, you define whom you hear….


    1. It is very true. Walking away has always been my response in the end. I start off with all the trust and love in the world and you have to work really hard to make me lose them.
      After enough time, you’ve just got to give up.


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