Pink and green all over

My hair is possibly going white. It’s hard to tell under a bright red dye, but I get the feeling it is.
This morning I wake a little meh. Yesterday started happy and confident, then I remembered the best friend i used to have, wrote to her. You never know, if i keep trying, one day she might write back.
Then i saw a young man who reminded me of a dear old friend, one who was head over heels about me. He was part of a few during my early life who would have done anything to be with me, but of course I was more attracted to the baaaad boys. What an idiot. At least i loved them dearly and still happily slept with them though. I was a generous friend.
Then at work what I had achieved seemed to turn on its head and spit at me. I prepared a battle plan, but then was exhausted.
Then, a couple of exchanges with my son were enough to finish me. Commence and then conclude a small demolition process.
This morning i dress in jeans and white, with pink and light green details. I’ll live 🙂


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