The new blog

Once again, I reinvent myself. And once again, I struggle to find me. Something only those who are doing the same can ever understand, something nobody else will understand, find interesting, accept. So, this blog now becomes real.

I am taking huge risks, I won’t even go into what risks I am taking.

Many of you follow my blog for the wrong reasons, if you do, please just stop following it. If you don’t, please don’t remember that this is the person you know. It is just a stranger.

I finished reading a book a man I know wrote, about his life. Very well written, short, concise, but very honest. I wondered, will I ever be able to be as honest about me and my life? But I have to, because, like it or not, I know I will never be satisfied until everything is out, uncensored, uncut, not polished to make it more acceptable to others, not avoided to be more acceptable to others.

I don’t care, I am almost 43, and I can never hope to tell a made up story until I’ve told my real story.

I don’t have the time, patience, will, or discipline to write an orderly book about myself, so, once again, I try to use this blog as what blogs should be: not an easy cheap way to make a website, but diaries. I love diaries, if you don’t, please just unfollow me. This is not a diary about my present. This is a diary about my thoughts, my memories, and it will be like me, completely random, emotional, unpredictable and waaaay too intense. If you know me and you don’t like that about me, unfollow me, be respectful. If you don’t know me and don’t like the sound of that, but still are curious, I don’t mind.

Know that some things may be shocking, or controversial. Something may just be boooooring. Just ignore it in that case.


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