About my boobs

Don’t worry, I will not be posting pics of them.

However,  a couple of days ago I remembered I should be (as all women should) regularly self-examining my breasts . I thus noticed that my right breast is heavier than the left one.

I checked and checked again and indeed, it really seemed like that. So today I weighted them. My left breast indeed weighs 340 grams and the right one 440.

Isn’t that odd?

I’m pretty sure they used to be the same weight, despite of course changing quite a lot throughout my life… When I was an adolescent I used to say my breasts were absolutely perfect, as they fit perfectly in a champagne coupe

Champagne Coupe

Then after the kids, breastfeeding and then gaining weight and losing it and gaining it again and los… well you know what I mean.
I also quite proudly used to not need to wear a bra, despite doing so because I thought they were pretty. Now, they are not standing against gravity as much as they used to of course, but they are still passable, not unlikeable when I look at them. But how low will they go??

This is the eternal question. I have noticed that skinny women age far more quickly than plumpy women like me. The skin becomes wrinkly faster and things like that. A small consolation for one who always felt extremely and overly FAT.

The breasts were always the other small consolation: simply put, I had breasts, most skinny women don’t. Well they do, and they can breast feed too, but nothing you’d look twice at, if you know what I mean. But will my breasts keep getting lower and lower until I can no longer bear to look at them?

We’ll see, though the answer is probably yes. We’ll also see whether they’ll carrying on weighing differently.


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