Regarding my neck.

Yesterday I realised how pressed I felt to write about stuff I thought others might get benefit from, but I also thought I should write about what I’d like to read.
So, one of the things that has been concerning me in the past few months has been my neck. You see, hitting and exceeding forty I was very much prepared for the appearance of wrinkles (which, hell yea, for now are pretty shy and don’t make that much of an appearance), but there were a lot of things I wasn’t prepared for.
Of course I have always noticed that even in those women who do and redo their faces over and over again their neck is the giveaway, where you can see the age. That, and the elbows. But the progression by which that neck, my good old neck I never much loved but was at least always kind of… normal, becomes abnormal is a process I wish someone had warned me about.
This is what happens to my neck. A few weeks back, I noticed that if I made a certain type of movement, too difficult to repeat spontaneously a kind of something sticks out that never really used to be there, and the skin over my neck has suddenly become more than my neck needs (ok, it isn’t taut anymore).

I suppose this and the elbow thing are one of the reasons why after a certain age you start wanting to wear long sleeves and shirts/hoodies.
Which reminds me yesterday I bought a new white hoodie at the Gap sale and I’m very pleased with it.

So yes, one of the advantages of being a man, assuming that weird thing starts to happen to them as well, is they can grow a beard!

More delightful things to come (maybe.)


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