On what really matters – Part 2

I notice as I browse the internet (reddit, facebook, newspapers, twitter, what have you) that the amount of digital noise out there is horrendous.

As I post in it, I am of course contributing to that noise, and so is everyone else. One thing however I notice: very very often, the greatest noise makers are those who feel they need to tell the world about a load of stuff most other people will either not care much about, and won’t care more about just because of repeated compulsive posting, or do care about in which case they are perfectly able, as they have the means of the internet as well, to access any information on that subject as they please.

Sometimes of course these mediums are handy for dialoguing: I like chocolate cakes, you like chocolate cakes, see how many wonderful chocolate cakes there are out there for us to share with each other? Look look more chocolate cakes!!!

If you are like me, (and in this, everybody is like me) you will care about certain things, not ALL things. However, exposing yourself to various interacting networks, possibly following different friends and friends of friends or interesting acquaintances or just acquaintances or just random people met all over the web or in real life, you are exposed to exponentially more and more little tidbits of random information, 99% of which you probably don’t care about.

However, you will either have nothing to do and therefore look at all these tidbits of random information, or you will never look at anything, or you will be antisocial and limit yourself to following only those people who interests coincide with yours, or, like me, you will get massively frustrated because of course I cannot dictate what people wish to share, I have no right to do so! But I also don’t want to stop following people whose interests do not coincide with mine, because perhaps I am interested in them as people and I hope they will sometimes say something about themselves, which is really all I care about, or just because I don’t want to offend them by withdrawing my attention.

There is an another aspect to this of course. People who want to interact and join in this mad supercrowded noisy place that is the internet, but decide to share things they deem others will find interesting, instead of stuff they are really interested about.

That is the crazies.
I know I’ve been there very often.
Usually I don’t care: I post what I care about in that second, no matter if I won’t care about that same thing two seconds after I posted. After all, it’s like a drop in the enormous ocean of information nobody really retains or does anything with for more than maybe, if you’re lucky and what you shared is REALLY impressive, ten minutes. otherwise the average attention span for anything posted on the internet is about 1 minute. I know. I have checked it.
So, here are from now on a few things I really care about. There are of course many other things I really care about, but usually there are much better people than me spreading the knowledge about those things, so I let them do it.
One of the things I really care about it: is my face a little crooked the way it is and increasingly so because of my drying my face after watching it always in the same counter-clockwise direction my whole life?

Many more delightful things to follow. Maybe.


One thought on “On what really matters – Part 2

  1. […] Yesterday I realised how pressed I felt to write about stuff I thought others might get benefit from, but I also thought I should write about what I’d like to read. So, one of the things that has been concerning me in the past few months has been my neck. You see, hitting and exceeding forty I was very much prepared for the appearance of wrinkles (which, hell yea, for now are pretty shy and don’t make that much of an appearance), but there were a lot of things I wasn’t prepared for. Of course I have always noticed that even in those women who do and redo their faces over and over again their neck is the giveaway, where you can see the age. That, and the elbows. But the progression by which that neck, my good old neck I never much loved but was at least always kind of… normal, becomes abnormal is a process I wish someone had warned me about. This is what happens to my neck. A few weeks back, I noticed that if I made a certain type of movement, too difficult to repeat spontaneously (I’ll try) […]


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