Up in the air

I saw this film last night, with George Clooney and by the same director as Juno (look it up, I can’t be bothered to find a link, I’m on the tablet). A friend had recommended that very day and I was very curious to see it, considering the promising premises.

It’s a brilliant film, actors excellent, story makes you think, feel, learn and entertains you too, so ticks all the right boxes.

A few thoughts however remained with me afterwards. First of all, ok fine we mention a nice smile is important and yes, we are repeatedly shown that George Clooney has a nice smile (which he does, but you see what I mean).

Stop reading and go watch the film, then come back. I don’t want to spoil it for you!

My immediate reaction at the end of the film was to hold on, though not literally, more tightly to my son and my husband, who had been watching it with me. My husband had kind of upset me the day before, and that feeling cemented the “ah whatever it’s fine” feeling that I was already on.

My second thought was that the film was harsh. There are a lot of people out there who do not have a family


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