About spirit, mind and inner cats

This new condition (working, full time, in retail) is well odd (see the new way of talking I am picking up?).

One of the many effects it has caused is that although I never took the time I spent with my kids (or anyone, really) for granted, it is even more precious now.
I feel the need to record them in any way I can.

Tonight, as I put Maggie to sleep (she is 5, almost 6!), she said to me how she has the body inside of a cat, so she can be a cat when she wants to.
I went into one of my mind trips talking about spirit, and mind, and body, and how the body dies but the mind goes on, and we discussed where the mind is lodged in the body, and whether the spirit is attached to the body with the same silver thread that attaches the moon to the earth (a previous brain trip), and how the body will always call the mind back through that thread.

Then we heard a step and a creak outside and she said “what’s that?” and I said “just somebody walking” and she said “maybe it’s the mind walking” and I was saying “oh no, no of course not!” and she said “Ok I think we can stop talking about this now because it’s a little creepy and scary…” “Oh no Maggie I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to creep you out!” “no no don’t worry it’s just that I am still little I am just a little girl I mean when we ride the bike I cannot ride in front because I cannot reach the pedals because my legs are too short, and I am only in Year 1 I am not big like my brothers and I still cannot talk about these things without getting a bit creeped out but it is not your fault, I mean I told you about the cat but I don’t really believe I have a cat inside me I only said it because I want you to be happy all the time and I wanted to make you happy.” “Oh Maggie I’m so sorry I was really only talking about your imagination and not that the mind really leaves the body and … ” “No, no, it’s ok don’t worry about it let’s just change the subject and get some sleep”.
“Ok… I’m going to make a cake tomorrow”.
“Oh I like cake, what cake? A chocolate and strawberry one?”
“No, I’ll make that for Kai’s birthday, on Sunday. Tomorrow I will make a carrot cake as we have too many carrots”
“Oh good I love carrot cake I ate it at school and it was good and then I saw that there were real bits of carrot so I knew it really was carrot cake. Now let’s sleep”.
“Ok Maggie. Good night. I love you.”
“I love you too mum”.


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