It’s a wonderful life… But not for ovulating women.

“We like George Bailey”

I watched “It’s a wonderful life” with lovely Jimmy Stewart last night, also as part of my “Show my husband black and white films can be awesome too” program.
I hadn’t seen it since I was 12, like those old friends where you both know you’re awesome so you don’t think you need to keep getting to know each other.
A couple of days ago my period started, and vast amounts of gathering black clouds started to dissipate.
With an old acquaintance we would say how insane it was that the link between period hormones, depression and suicide, was not more deeply investigated.
I blame the feminists.
For some women, more women than most people would admit, every month means going through the whole range of emotions, mental upheavals, and, hopefully, epiphanies that George goes through in that film EVERY month. Some are blessed by the occasional angel, some have to make do with their own sturdiness and will to survive.
So, yes women are handicapped by their being female, yes it should be looked into.
It’s also a bloody brilliant film.


See what I did there? 😉


2 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful life… But not for ovulating women.

  1. […] I have often agreed with the general stereotype that misery makes us more creative. Certainly, a tragic lifetime has made me so very very good at finding happiness and good things, and a lifetime of seeing people miserable and people happy and deciding I’d rather try to make people happy than miserable and then feeling miserable because I did a lot of making them miserable when what I really wanted was to make them happy, has made me really fed up of being miserable and making people miserable. And because I am very fortunate of having in my life amazing family and friends, even amazing colleagues and so forth, I am fortunate that I have a pretty good life at the moment, I was really fed up with ever being miserable at all! And yet, as written previously, unfortunately I didn’t seem to have a  choice. […]


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