You can’t escape freedom

This is a rant. If you don’t like rants, go elsewhere.

What I wanted to write a while back (2 days ago?), but thought I wouldn’t, and now here I am.

You see, as Self-employed, you pay Class 2 Contributions. In any case, no matter how much you earn. That means that I cannot claim Contributions Based Job Seeker’s allowance. (Obviously).

However, the three hours spent on the phone with the kind man from the Job Centre did serve him to find out that my husband works full time and so I cannot claim Income-Based Job Seeker’s allowance.
So he didn’t say: sorry, you’re fucked.

He said: “You may be able to claim the Contributions-Based one”, and of course because we’re in the computer era, I ASSUMED, that, having my National Insurance Number right there, he was able to check whatever Tax status I was in and tell me that with some actual knowledge of my situation. I also did tell him I have been self-employed since the moment I set foot in this country in 2006 (or, my whole life, pretty much).

When I got a letter a couple of days ago saying I couldn’t claim a thing I thought OK I’ll persevere. But what happens is that even signing on they MAY pay Class 1 contributions, which would be pretty useless considering they are surrounded by years of Class 2 contributions.

So, today, I go back to registering as self-employed, and continue to pay my Class 2 contributions, which are probably just your basic tax, without paying anything towards my pension or what have you. Without getting help in entering a full-time job, because despite them thinking our combined income is too high to get assistance, actually, it isn’t. So if I’m looking for work that pays I cannot look for work that hires.

I have worked all my life, as parent, or as a translator, as a teacher. I have worked hard, in both cases, and yet the only times the State, any State (Italy as well) considers my time worth giving me something back for is when I was in an office, just taking up phone calls and actually finding the time in the office relax time, compared to what I had to do when outside.

I find this system so unfair. After all, I am providing society with three very healthy and very very smart kids who will be far more useful to society than society thinks I was. I have helped and contributed to the welfare of countless people who are trapped in your unhealthy system of work to make money to spend money.

Thanks a bunch, you stupid stupid so-called 1st world society. You really suck. Keep your sick neurotic stressed-out immoral psyched out alcoholic perverted children, which is what you actively encourage them to be. As soon as I get the chance, I’m out of here.


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