Children’s rights to have a parent

Following a small exchange with a friend on Twitter (I don’t know how to link it, I guess you can type @windruffle @hesterkw on Twitter search) I realised how insane it is (as I did many years back) that I, like many others, should be in this position in the first place.

A child should be entitled to having one parent at home full time (or two parents alternating full time, but that would be crazy to ask of a company, wouldn’t it?) regardless of course of gender, sexual orientation and whether the parent is single or in a couple.

Having a parent at home full time, who is not stressed about not being at work, mind you, would benefit:

  • the child, who grows up more emotionally stable, and happier, and has a better chance of becoming a serene adult
  • the government, who has better, happier, more emotionally stable adults with a better chance of being a productive adult rather than a scarred or frustrated or neurotic one.
  • the parent, who would have his or her hours of work, his or her skills put to use (do I have to list them??) and his of her experience recognised and respected (rather than being treated like a lazy scrounger or dependant weakling) when he or she can re-enter different types of work as his or her children, now adults and productive individuals thanks to his or her WORK, get into further education or work themselves.

It isn’t that difficult to work out how much money would be saved in terms of: training child carers, having security measures in place to be sure they can be trusted, educating them, paying for all the crime stopping needed for those kids who grow up in stressed-out, absentees, tired and poor households. How much easier it would be for a company to recognise your skills used as a parent if the government recognised them as such in the first place. How much petrol would be saved by all those people needing a car for school rounds and then shooting off to work away from home.

It would finally solve the social issue of single parents so many conservatives can’t get over, as single parents, surprise surprise, would be most excellent parents if they could afford to be at home with their children rather than working two jobs. It would finally stop people from distinguishing between feminism, gay and lesbian etc rights and the need for a well-rounded individual: it would all be accomplished by recognising parentism, or even childism as the centre of all policies.

I really don’t get why it isn’t so. And while we’re at it, for similar reasons, Teachers should be paid far more than bankers.

I rest my case, and now go back to looking at what’s happening where my dad lives 😦


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