Perfect moment in time

Some times it all starts and it all stops, in a matter of minutes. One moment you’re walking down the street, feeling the cool breeze and the clouds overhead and thinking yes, this is the perfect temperature for me, this is the perfect place. All is good and wonderful you are drenched with love for your children, your husband, your friends, your work, your city, your pets, the smiling lady with the dogs. It’s all perfect. You cannot believe that half an hour later it’s all turned on its head, it all crashes down with no reason, no connection, simply random little things here and there, nagging little stupid little things. First one then the other, and suddenly you are wanting to trash and scream like a Tool song. You are you, but which of the two?
And yet, look, look at the song, how perfect it is. Read the lyrics, there you go.

Even in rage there can be perfection, there can be sensuous pleasure. Perfection and pleasure are beauty. Beauty brings me back to serenity, and I am happy again.
I can now get back to work, thank you.


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