Olympic thoughts

  • The Olympics, like scientific research, are some of the things that are bestest and beautifullest about Mankind
  • Why on Earth is everybody wearing fluorescent yellow shoes at the Olympics? They are Nike right? How much money did Nike pay to have everybody use their shoes?
  • I have a very bad earache caused by clogging, possibly due to all the sand and the salt and the various veggy detritus in the water. I go to the chemist and the man in fornt of me has the same problem, he merely states it and gets given a medicine, which incidentally was the one I expected. Then it’s my turn and the lady attends me and gives me a bloody “natural” thing, without telling me it’s a bloody “natural” thing so I go and try  it and wait and nothing bloody happens and then I read the bloody leaflet and I wonder: why is my ear clogging deserving of herby bollocks and his of a proper medicine?
  • I have decided to now post this, then go gradually privatising all that isn’t an exercise in translation. I have started a new blog I won’t tell you about, where I will write what I really want to write about, using a pseudonym, of course. This is also because I feel I cannot share anything really new, and it does come across a bit too much as moaning. If you find the other blog, write to the blogger and I might confess it’s me 🙂

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