Tossing people round the knowledge bowl.

And there is too much to do and too little time
And machines to make it slide into another slot
And phones and computers and all the apps
Apps and apps and all the virtual
And all the digital and the inanimal
All so good all so fast all so push push push!

And the only things that’s good
That is really and truly good
Is the sharing of knowledge
How to do stuff and what’s happening
And how I make this easier for you
And it should be good good good
The world should finally become ONE WORLD
How it doesn’t matter where you’re from
And it doesn’t matter what crazy stuff you believe in
And believing is good and not believing is good
And wanting to know is good and NOT wanting to know is also good
But the point is
The only point SHOULD BE
We are all in it together
We are one
One for Christ’s sake, one
Who cares who gives a damn
About politics, ban them ban them all!
Ban the politicians ban the liars
Ban the profit makers
you should drink while you have fun
you should not drink to have fun
you should make money to do stuff
make money while you do stuff
you should not do stuff just to make money
you study to know
you don’t study to exploit.
Should shouldn’t must mustn’t did didn’t
I want.
A place of my own, just me.
With access to an airport, a railway, a port.
Perhaps a jeep. Just to get you and take you to me.
Then you come in.
And you SHUT the buzz.
You turn off your PC, you turn off your devices.
You open a book, you talk, you make coffee, you sit, you gaze, you sit, you listen.
Then you go back to the buzz you came from, and leave me out of it.
How’s that? Does that sound reasonable?
Does it make for a good pension plan?
It won’t be expensive… I swear!
I need that house.
I need broadband in that house, for sure.
I will want to keep sharing sharing sharing sharing.
I will keep out all that is pointless useless rushing and tossing people round the knowledge bowl. Like salad.
But in the meantime.
While the kids grow up and I wait.
I need another me, sitting next to me, typing stuff up for me, making coffee or tea. For me.


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