yet another new beginning?

I like to change stuff. Before any of you complain and moan and say but “OH Ungrateful one” and so on and so forth, let us get one thing straight. Yes I do count my blessings. Yes I am aware of all the wonderful people and animals and circumstances that surround me. Actually, most of the time, I’m happy! You happy now? Good. Now shut up about it and either read or go elsewhere.

I am not angry, I am SO angry.

There is a huge, huge, HUGE amount of words that I read any time, anywhere, thanks to the Internet and also, of course my eyes. Constantly I have the fleeting thought of hmmm I don’t agree with that, or argh that is SUCH a limited view! And Geez this person is probably a little insane.

Of course. We all are (a little insane), we all do (think that others are insane/wrong/whatever). Things is, I am fed up of agreeing with anybody for the sake of peace. I am fed up of being told I should of course do that, in order to keep the peace. “Think of those who don-‘t have this and don’t have that and think of this an think of that”. AAAAAAA. No. Don’t have the time. I am almost 40, and guess what? I like to have my own opinion.

Now how I go about that saying what that actually is is hard, very hard.

So I will now try and take this blog (and some of you know that I have written many, many blogs, deleted them, privatised them, publicized them, diaries, letters, smsses, emails… I have written loads) in a completely different direction.

I will take courage in both hands and try and be honest. I will not think ah well I shouldn’t let so and so read this or he or she will judge me or feel uncomfortable with me, whether so and so is a boss, husband, father, sister-in-law, children, future employer, ex employer… Enough filtering.

I, like most of you, think you (the rest of the world for you) have it all wrong. Now I would like to say so, and since most people close to me have reached and exceeded their tolerance of this, I shall now explain why I think you’ve got it all wrong right here, on this blog.


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