Googlebloodyplus: bye bye before we even met properly

So, someone just shared with me a note from Google+. It presented itself like an email, so you open it. You read it, because it was sent to YOU; apparently. Then you realise you cannot comment on it, as you’re not in Google+.
But you read it nevertheless because of a very intrusive way of sharing. In Facebook, (or Diaspora, which I’m still hoping many Facebook friends will move to eventually) I can choose to see notifications in my email. Or not. In twitter, I can open the application and read tweets, open shared links. Or not. In Google, I get it in my Inbox. Or not.
I just unsubscribed from any further communication from Gmail+.

That’s a lid on the coffin for googleplus’ relationship with me.

Google+ Email Settings
Settings saved.
Unsubscribe from all Google+ email notifications
Don’t unsubscribe. Continue sending email notifications to

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