You’ve lost me, can’t you see?
believe this, no believe this! Believe that but don’t believe the other…
You’ve lost me.
I believe no-one, I only believe, and that’s no small thing,
that more people believe in their lies
or in the lies they’ve been told, than lie.
Which in itself is not a bad thing, I suppose.
More people are honest than you’d have thought.
But less people are objective and rational than one would hope.
You’ve all lost me, does it matter though?
What’s my little opinion? What’s my little distrust?
What’s my resignation, my acceptance?
What is it to you?
The serenity I find in realising
that nothing is real, only what we feel
And people feel a lot of different things, and they vary and change depending on so much.
You’re mostly just hot air and if I could shut you up,
at least on a subject or two,  if I could shut you up about it,
well, I would.


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