Thank you

Thank you for the rowers first thing in the morning,
water slushing on the Cam, never a shout.
Thanks for the wondrous empty spaces where Zoom can run
and the funny steel thing where sparrows are to nest.
Thank you laughingly taking out the little tree in front of my house
and putting some hanging baskets on the lamppost instead.

Thank you for the flowers and the scents and the willows
for the wisteria and the rose climbers all over
for the pretty houses for the college students
for the punts and the lazy cows on the Common

Thanks for the friends and thanks for the jobs
thanks for the school and thanks for the hopes
thanks for the companies and the pubs
for the libraries and the news, the swans, the ducks

Thanks for keeping in touch, thanks for feeling warm
thanks for being cosy and nice
thanks for being gentle and reassuring and
always giving me another chance.


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