A li’l update

Maggie did not much like her grobag, though it was definitely worth trying, as it removed a few doubts.
I tried it for a few days: she woke up (I’m not kidding) every hour and then everyhalf an hour after midnight. I would go in, give her dummy and she’d go back to sleep.
I tried all sorts of different things before I removed the grobag. Leaving her with just that, putting a light blanket on top, putting a little extra t-shirt on and stuff like that.
I was dubious because she really enjoyed the nightime routine which now included putting the grobag on. She loved going to sleep in it, she even seemed to go to sleep even more peacefully. But in the end I took it off and ta-da, she slept like an angel till 6 am, a little sooner or a little later, once even till 7!
She obviously does not like feeling cosy and tucked in, as I suspected she needs to feel free to kick everything off if necessary. But I am very grateful for trying it and it’s there to be tried again and in the meantime she likes to have it near her as she sleeps.

New pics

Maggie is a girl. Such a girl. She likes things exactly the way she wants them. She will not indulge in tedious cuddles in bed, she wants to get up and about! (the sleepies I would have my two boys, they were sooooo relaxing…). She is saying mama and papa’ perfectly now, has kind of given up practicing Zoom and “blu” which she likes so much. She now says “Bap!” a lot. She is very keen on being walked, everyday her improvements are amazing, she’ll be walking before she’s a year old if she carried on like this.
She hates hates hates lying on her tummy, she will not crawl and she will not turn around! Like I said, a girl! Why bother to move herself when others can carry her?

The boys are funny with her. Kai is supersweet and gentle, Dylan teases her. Of course, as a proper girl would do, she is more attracted to Dylan. Aren’t we so stupid??

The boys are going mad playing all the videogames they have received for xmas, on many different consoles. They know it will all be over come Xmas.

Medically: Maggie’s tummy gets harder than I think it should as a consequence of her gastroschisis, but I suppose that is quite normal. She poos perfectly and eats no problem and has had TWO milk regurgitations since she was born, so that’s pretty good (Kai used to wash me in it, bless him)
As far as her strawberry mark is concerned (on her nose) she seems to be going onto the “rest” stage, I don’t think it is really growing so much anymore, at least I hope not. We are hoping it will disappear completely in a few months/years time as they tend to do, but you never know.

She also has a large coffee stain on her leg, which I think will be sexy whereas her pisodeuorriordad thinks it is yet another imperfection (of course he jokes, how could his daughter be less than perfect?)

My boys were born absolutely perfect and yet they gave me so many frights: Kai’s asthma and allergy to everything (cured by moving to Tuscany and refusing to take the Tilade that had been prescribed!), Dylan’s runs to the hospital for his Bronchial spasms when he could easily suffocate and there was no predicting when it would come…). Maggie, on the other hand, seems to have paid her dues at birth and for the moment is the healthiest baby you could imagine, despite all the warnings and the doctor’s concerns and how everybody was keeping her under close scrutiny. Let’s hope it lasts.

Finally, we have bought her a forward facing car seat. She no longer screams the moment you put her in the car. In the three rides so far she’ll start complaining after about twenty minutes, and fortunately we have never needed to go further than that. The idea is that we should be able to go visit our friend and his family in Wales without her screaming all the bloody way ๐Ÿ™‚

I think she is waking up now so the Italian part will have to wait. I am so excited waiting for the new maffalittle guy…. come on come on!!!!


5 thoughts on “A li’l update

  1. Rido. il tilade l’hanno dato a henry l’anno scorso.
    Alice ha il broncospasmo praticamente perenne da ottobre, e l’aerosol รจ una maledizione. (faglielo tu con una mano sola a una scatenata come quella)
    Spiace per il sacco nanna… non ho altri suggerimenti ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    1. Il Tilade e’ un po’ una fregatura: il mio ex marito lo doveva prendere, anche lui s’e’ rifiutato dopo un po’ e ha imparato a respirare meglio quando sentiva l’avvicinarsi di una crisi e avere se proprio a portata di mano il ventolin in caso di crisi. Il medico pediatra capo che l’aveva prescritto a Kai che aveva piu’ o meno tre anni e qualcosa mi disse con la solita delicatezza dei medici brianzoli “si rassegni, signora, dovra’ prenderlo per tutta la vita”. la cosa mi fece inorridire, considerato che mia madre era appena morta per eccesso di cortisone nei polmoni (perche’ bisogna sifonarlo fuori ogni tanto, altrimenti te li intas: il nostro dottore non lo sapeva). Infatti dopo poco mi sono ribellata, mi faceva stare male ogni volta che glielo davo (e’ preventivo, immagino anche Henry lo utilizzi cosi’). Piano piano Kai e’ tornato normale, un po’ di affaticamento a correre per qualche anno, un po’ di aerosol ma tutto qua.
      Per l’aerosol accidenti ma fatti aiutare per quello, e’ un assurdo! Mi ricordo con Dylan che non stava mai fermo avevo adottato il sistema televisione + tenerlo vicino alla bocca, non necessariamente addosso, finche’ non si e’ abituato dopo molti mesi.
      No worries per nanna, invece ha aiutato parecchio a modo suo! ora va molto meglio ๐Ÿ™‚ Grazie quindi!!!!


  2. Il Tilade qualche anno fa lo davano a tutti, ora รจ passato di moda.
    In ogni caso risparmiati corse in ospedale e tieni pronta in casa una siringa di Bentelan, in caso di broncospasmo, augurandosi sempre che non succeda.


    1. Bentelan, ce l’ho (beh ormai e’ scaduto e non l’ho piu’ ricomprato negli ultimi anni, ma ho tenuto la scatola nel caso), ma era in forma di pastiglia. Alla fine mi hanno dato quello infatti. Insieme all’aerosol che per un po’ ho fatto ad entrambi. Avevo anche se non sbaglio il clenil e l’altro per fare appunto l’aerosol. Ho continuato bene o male fino alla loro eta’ di 5-6 anni, dopodiche’ tutto sparito.


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