First entry

(From an old Livejournal blog about my babies)

Here is where I will write, randomly as usual about life with Cai, Dillon and Meg. Reasons in the userinfo. By the way I have slightly changed the children’s names for reasons that might become apparent later on. Just so people who know them don’t become confused as to why I’m calling them differently 😉

Meg, who is now 8 months old, has greasy (though lovely!) hair. So, it needs washing quite a bit. But, in this house the bathroom is the coldest place and in England you can’t take heaters in the bathroom, so there you go, she doesn’t get bathed all that often. So, i was thinking that the boys got bathed much less, and in Robbiate (province of Lecco)… hang on, they didn’t bathe at all, we didn’t have a bath! Right? Wrong! I just remembered that I had bought a big plastic tub. I would fill it with bucketloads of water, let them splash about, then mop (mop!) the bathroom up (it had become a pool by then). Just so you have an idea of what lengths I went to to get you your fun!


12 thoughts on “First entry

  1. Ehi, neppure io ho ricevuto una mail: arrivo ora da facebook.
    Per fortuna però ho culo, perchè la settimana scorsa ho prenotato in uno degli alberghi che avete indicato.
    A meno che non sia più tra gli invitati e in quel caso non avrei molto culo… uhm…
    Poi per l’addio al nubilato però non so, perchè non ho prenotato, ma se poi non c’è anche un addio al celibato, come si fa?
    Comunque io mi sento che il vostro matrimonio passerà alla storia.
    E che io sarò presente, con il mio fascinator in testa, al matrimonio di qualcun altro, per errore.


    1. ce l’hai ora Irish?? A maffa era arrivata in spam 😦 ora aspetto qualche giorno poi comincio a eventualmente chiedere uno per uno se hanno ricevuto, sigh!


  2. I’m quite happy to discover this journal, I think it will be really full of love, and yours notes make me think about the little & big hapinesses in my life that I have now, and hope to have later 🙂


    1. the only dry shampoo I had ever heard of is the one for pets (I use it for my dog)! So I’ll enquire, it might be worth it! Thanks 🙂


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